Executive Aviation


Our Fixed Based Operator (FBOs) ensures that all users of the general Aviation, Private and Executive, receive all services in one place simplifying in an agile, fast and professional operational and traffic flow of passengers, crew and aircraft.

We provide 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days service.

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These services include:

Parking facilities, reception, loading and unloading of aircraft, coordination of ground support equipment, fuel and maintenance, realization of flight plan, meteorological data, air-ground communication and operational traffic en route, airport logistics, flight documentation, immigration and customs formalities; coordination of ground transportation and accommodation, and any service related to this activity.FBO

Crew Facilities:

  • Crew Lounge
  • Internet Access
  • Complimentary Drinks & Snacks
  • Hotel and transportation arrangements
  • Fight Planning, Weather & Notams
  • Crew Briefing


Our handling of executive and private aviation flights is a real premium product. We provide excellent customer service, and take care of any individual requirements.  

We have been selected by these companies to handle their most important customer: Air Routing International, ARINC, Baseops International, Colt International, Hop-A-Jet, Jeppesen, Net Jets, Universal Weather and Aviation, and other multinational companies.

The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, AVCARD, Jet Pay Card, MasterCard, Multiservice, UVair, and World Fuel Services.

Below are some of the services we provide to the executive aviation

  •  Ground Handling (Domestic & International)
  •  Arranging Landing &Airport & Slot Coordination
  • Customs and Immigration Assistance
  • Passenger & Crew Assistance  (Crew Lounge)
  • Transportation and Crew Accommodation
  • Fuel & Fueling Arrangements
  • Flight Planning, weather & NOTAMs
  • Catering Arrangements / VIP Catering
  • Other Services upon request



Las Américas International Airport

The FBO at MDSD has 165.95 m2, with independence access and an estimated occupancy for 27 people, a
modular reception counter, four areas of rooms, and bathrooms for ladies and gentleman, and a meeting room or
private room for 10 people has been designed for the use of crews.

OFFICE: 1-809-549-1404
INTL.Tel: 407-369-9659
FAX: 1-809-549-1214
CELL PHONE: 1-809-747-7212
E-MAIL: fbo@servair.com.do


La Romana International Airport

The FBO at MDLR include a modular reception counter, estimated occupancy for 20 people, bathrooms for ladies
and gentlemen; a meeting room for 10 people and a private room for 10 people. A Crew Lounge for the use of

MANAGER: Carlos Santana
OFFICE: 1-809-813-9018/9019
FAX: 1-809-813-9017
CELL PHONE: 1-809-747-6258/8529
E-MAIL: ops@jcservair.com


Aviation Security

securityWe were the first ground handling company, certified by the local authority to provide security services at all airports in the Dominican Republic.

Among the security services offered:

  • Access Control (airport premises, warehouses, and aircrafts)
  • Passenger screening / profiling
  • Extraordinary security services for US carriers
  • Aircraft security services (guarding – 24 Hours / search)
  • Document verification
  • Cargo and baggage screening
  • GSC – Ground Security Coordinator
  • Security Trainings
  • And other upon request


We have been selected by these  security  companies to handle their customer: ASI Security International Group and FAM International Logistic Inc.